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Lumesse TalentLink – An automated system for management of the recruiting process

Lumesse TalentLink is a fully localized western on-premise solution for all stages of the recruiting process automation – from applications processing to the automatic creation of an employment contract.

More than 10 years of experience in finding recruiting solutions and hundreds of successful projects in partnership with Lumesse allow us to offer you the most effective solution.

TalentLink functionality

Configurable Workspace

User can customize a dynamic, interactive workspace with optimal access to relevant information. Workspaces can be customized for each user individually.

Mobility and accessibility

Based on the best web technologies and without being bound to its own server (available as SaaS), this solution provides mobility, the ability to use "Everywhere and on Everything," and easy access to information. A specially designed mobile application available for Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry devices allows you to simplify and speed up your work with the help of our solution.


Support for the hierarchal organizational structure

This system allows you to create vacancies in relation to the organizational structure, enabling you to view recruitment statistics in relation to different departments. You can also utilize main features of the recruitment process in each department by setting specific procedures and fields for first level departments, which is especially important for large companies. The organizational structure can be set by various parameters.

Creation and approval of vacancies

Thanks to specially created worksplaces, not only recruiters, but line managers can also create a vacancy and initiate the approval process. The system supports a multi-level approval process. The approver can make a decision in Outlook. The fact that the approver doesn’t need to be a system user simplifies the work of managers significantly.

Publication of vacancies

The tool TalentHub easily integrates a variety of sources for vacancy publishing -– such as internal and external company websites, and job search sites. Lumesse TalenLink integrated on a company site allows candidates to create their own accounts and follow up with their applications. This has a positive effect on the image of the employer’s brand.

Publication on social networks

One progressive practice in recruitment and brand development is the creation of a company profile in social networks and communities, and active involvement in these communities, as a factor in the search for candidates. TalentLink allows you to publish vacancies in social networks in one click and receive on-line applications directly in the system.

Working with candidates

The process of working with candidates can be customized for each particular client. The system allows you to store all information about a candidate, including attachments, as well as any history of working with him or her. Customized templates for letters simplify interaction with the candidate, and allow the interviewer to keep the candidate informed and give feedback promptly. Interviews planned in the system synchronize with the interviewer’s client calendar. A feedback form is automatically sent to the interviewer’s e-mail to gather feedback promptly and keep the history in one place.


This system contains about 40 preinstalled analytical reports and a master program to help you create your own reports. To simplify the process of periodical reporting, there is also the option of automatic report generation that will create a report at outlined times and automatically send it to a specified recipient.

All popular browsers are supported: IE 6+, FireFox 3+ and WebKit 3+ (Safari, Chrome)
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