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LMS Learning Gateway – Love for learning

Lumesse Learning Gateway is a powerful, cloud-based learning management system for organizations of all sizes. It provides a flexible and comprehensive system for delivering and managing sophisticated learning programs.

Teach! Develop! Succeed!

Lumesse Learning Gateway is a remote learning platform based on SaaS technologies. Teach and learn in real time using all forms of learning:

Learning Gateway — Blended Learning

Learning portal

The main advantages of LMS Gateway are speed of deployment and ease of management. Lumesse Learning Gateway is constantly enhanced by new product releases that bring more opportunities to distance education. It is fully scalable to any number of students and utilized courses.

    LMS Learning Gateway

  • Reliably delivers online and social learning
  • Manages Instructor Led Training (ILT)
  • Creates and delivers tests and evaluations.
  • Integrates social learning and communication into learning programs
  • Measures, tracks and reports on training delivery
  • Manages and documents employee compliance

    Key facts

  • Currently supports over 500,000 active users
  • Delivers over 250,000 courses per month
  • Available in over 20 languages
  • Loaded with thousands of quality courses available on-demand
  • A secure system frequently selected by national defense organizations with the highest security standards
  • Supports SCORM and AICC standards including PENS (Packet Exchange Notification Services).

Portal branding

Your unique company style could be easily applied to your learning portal

Unique design for specific tasks

Design for sales consultant training
Classical design for learning portal

Lumesse Learning Gateway stands alone in its ability to combine ease-of-use with rich functionality. Every part of the system has been designed to make it easy for users to quickly find what they need, and for administrators to deliver learning that makes an impact.

All popular browsers are supported: IE 6+, FireFox 3+ and WebKit 3+ (Safari, Chrome)
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