AXES Pro provides integrated talent management solutions. We optimize, automate and integrate the full cycle of talent management processes by combining our HR consulting experience and IT implementation expertise


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HR Diagnostics

Are you faced with an unsolvable problem?

99% of business problems can be solved by applying the correct HR initiative. We examine all stages of solving your problem and offer you the most relevant help.

5 steps

to finding the right solution for your problem

Accurately identify what is worrying you and what criteria will indicate when the problem has been solved

Find a link between the existing problem and the specific positions, and consequently the people

Identify whether a frequent or single HR mistake led to the problem

Identify the department responsible for the problem

Prepare the HR Initiative that will eliminate the source of the problem

HR Consulting

Have you already defined the HR initiative?

Most likely it falls into one of four categories

Stop reinventing the wheel. The best way for initiative realization is to implement the best practices, which have already prove effective in Russia and the world.

4-Sight Analysis

Our approach to the analysis and implementation of best HR practices in a company

To find and systematize the best practices that have proved effective in the past to solve your particular problem

To present and clarify the essence and meaning of the best practices for key Customers, Performers, and Users

To select the best practices that will solve the problems specific to your business

To adapt the selected best practices to and prepare them for implementation in the organization

HRIS Implementation

Are you ready to implement the best HR Practices?

At this stage you have already most likely identified and formalized the best practices that are ready for implementation in your organization. There are two ways to implement them.


Our approach to the implementation of the best HR practices through the implementation of HRIS processes

Project Initiation

Definition of HR Processes

Preparation of Specifications

Execution and Encoding

System Testing

User Training and Certification

Preparation for System Start-Up

System Start-Up

HRIS Implementation

Have you decided to develop your managers’ HR skills?

Managers in Russia don’t like the word “HR”. We agree that the HR technologies that have been adapted for managers should look and be named differently. We believe Job & People Management better reflects the understanding of competencies your managers should have. We built our J & P Management skills academy based on this distinction.

HR Academy

People management should be more a habit than a skill of a manager and should be actively developed

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